Friday, December 31, 2010

Remember Guns Recoil

People should be required to look up 'gun recoil' on YouTube before actually fire a gun.

Who's the Idiot in this Video?

Here is a pretty, young, Russian woman firing an AK-47, nearly killing other people at the range. My question is: Who's the idiot in this video?

If you guessed the woman... You're the idiot! The idiot is the guy who handed her a loaded assault rifle!

Police Officer Demonstrates Dangers of Handguns

This guy, a cop or DEA agent, depending on which version of the video you find, is explaining to students how dangerous it is to play with guns. In case they didn't believe him, he shows them why. This guy has a tough job....

Proper Equipment and a Proper Shooting Range Recommended

This is a very lucky man in this video. He and his cameraman went our to shoot his 50 Caliber rifle and nearly killed himself with a ricochet.

Bad Parenting Move

**Please note, this video does show serious injury. It was posted before our "no serious injuries" policy.

If for some reason you needed me to tell you, i'm sorry, but DON'T hand loaded GUNS to CHILDREN!

here is why:

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